November 2012 Update!

Click the link below to view the new Upper Deck Marvel Premier Shadow trading card box set.  It's a set of 50 cards done entirely by yours truly!


Here's the card checklist:

Also, the Ame-Comi Batgirl digital comic I did a few months ago finally sees print as a one-shot.  Look for it on newsstands this Wednesday (Nov 14th)!


ActionJunkie said...

The shadowbox cards are awesome... the 3d worked very well with your art! BUT, the checklist(s) show you have done double and triple "hinge" sketches. Yet, I've yet to find a single one with at on of product already opened? Did you actually do any sketches and could you show any so we know what to look for?

Sanford Greene said...

Not sure if they have them together or not. I did a few cards, here's a post on my FB page of some of them.


I also have 11x17 pen and ink originals from the shadow box card set. Let me know if you are interested.