Day 6 & 7 - Tokyo, Japan Trip

Well I'm back to planet earth and I see it's the same as I left... so I guess that's a good thing. I know by now you are tired of hearing this but I will be updating on a regular for a while. So let's get started!!!

Remember my "weekly" posts about Tokyo? I have images of DAY 6 & 7 to cap off the Tokyo experience. By now you probably aren't interested, but hey, I figured I'd post these anyway. In few weeks I'll be making some cool announcements so be on the lookout for that! So without further ado...

Day 6 & 7

This is the mecca of electronics!

The "Blade Runner" tunnel.
I think they filmed some of the movie in this area!

Earlier that day, we went to the Imperial Gardens!

The guard was NO JOKE. He has to stand like that for at least 6-10 hours! Talk about bladder control! :D

The gardens were beeeaaauuutiful!!!

The original STREET SWEEPA!!!

This guy don't care 'bout no street sweepa!

This was one of the statues we saw in the area. The design of it is SWEET! I had to get in a photo with it! Look at me... tryin' to act all hard!

Next day.... Time for more site seein'!

Later that evening I met up with my man Damion Scott. You may know this name from the DC comic book "Batgirl". He was the artist on that series for a while. He's also known for his spiderman run. He's been livin' over there for a while and is working on some really cool stuff while he's there. He showed me around this area called SHABUYA! A really cool place with TONS of art (really dope graffitti), music, etc. This is where the young crowd hangs.

Dexter Vines came along for while. He's lookin' real suspect in this photo...

This dude just came up to me and started talkin'. He was pretty cool. I was like... " man how could you where those tight jeans? "

Later that evening I went over to Damion's crib and studio. His entire apartment had graf all on the walls sealing and floors. It was INSANE! Here's a shot of his drawing table. So just image the whole place lookin' like that!!

The last day was really cool. I was about to head out and all of the SCAD students were waiting to say good by to me!!! " sniff, sniff "

So then I headed out for the airport. I had to take the bullet train. That was really something to experience. Bullet is not the word. Try lighting.

I have a few more images to show that were REALLY COOL. Then I'll put this whole Tokyo thing to bed. C YA soon!

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