Going to Japan!

Well.... I'm heading to Japan for a week!!! I'll be leaving November 29th. I'll be there for 8 days and I am sure I'll be busy the entire time! My main purpose there is to do some lectures and workshops for the sequential art department of Savannah College of Art and Design. The school is flying me out to work with a select group of about 25-30 students showing them my process in the comic industry and also showing them how I conceptualize ideas for animation, toys and games, fun stuff!

When that's all done I'll be going on a Japanese pop culture binge! I'm gonna snag all the latest anime, manga, games and toys I can stuff in my extra suite case! I'm also hoping to find some out of print art books I've looking for in the last 10 years. Also gotta get the wife and kids something cool! So I am making my list and checking it twice! I am beyond excited!! Last year London (flew out on behalf of WB to work on the Dark Knight) this year Japan! I LOVE my job!!! I promise I'll be posting TONS of pics and a few videos of my trip. I may be able to drop a few post while I'm there! See ya in a few!

In the meantime here's some japanese Influenced images for ya!

Stay up!


EricCallen said...

Hi, Sanford!

Just dropping a line to say, "Nice work!".

My son 9 year old son, Logan, has a couple Batman Strikes books that you did and really enjoys them!!

I didn't reaize that you did a Star Wars Tales story... have to dig that back up!

Do you have any pages available for sale that are NOT at Mighty Nib? Maybe some sketches that he might dig I could get him for Christmas?

Take care!!

Sean Galloway said...

You kill me, mang!!!!

Such an inspiration.

Anonymous said...

Man Sanford I still have that Kill Bill one in my studio over my desk. Good stuff.

Space Station Orbiter: Cloud 99 said...

Hey! You're back! As always, BIG fan, great work. But that little bit about going to Japan?! Grrr...I hate you! [just kidding!] He're hoping I see you in NY for Comic Con.

Monster Zero said...
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Monster Zero said...

You're doin big things Sanman, that's wussup.

Happy holidays =)

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Brendon Neumar said...

wicked intense!