Method Man: Character Designs

Most of you know about my work on the Graphic Novel Method Man. Here's the character designs I did before starting on the book. Hope ya dig! I'll soon post the signing me and Meth did at the San Diego Comic Con.


keviN said...

there's something just sooo aesthetically pleasing about how that hood fits on method man's head, i can't figure out WHY!

heh. love the designs. lots o' attitudes.

Unknown said...

these are friggin' sweet
glad you visited my DA site! like I said there that I could discover this awesomeness
lets trade blog roll links!
i'll be adding you regardless
later man

milind said...

hey just happend to get linked to your blog,ur a superb the characters and the colouring technique,fantastic.

dawud said...

Hey Sanford I love the Blog! Thanks for sharing the Japan pics they were nice! I really like the character designs on the bottom of the page too! Your work continues to inspre me!

Probably see you again at a show somewhere . . . that seems to be the only way we see each other! LOL!


Nick P said...

The Method Man designs are my fave pieces on the blog.

Nice work in general.