Hello Good People!!!

I am back from the dead, and let me tell you I have never been so far behind in my life! So much happening right now, but I am finally back on track (I hope). That being said, let me first off introduce you to the new website/blog of SANFORDGREENE.COM!

I am very excited about what's to come here in the near future. I'll be posting the latest interviews, music, videos and of course tons of art! Look for more daily-weekly cool news and such (I promise to be on top of this!!! ). So on that note here's my first post...

A few months ago I mentioned I had the pleasure of going to London to be apart of the DARK KNIGHT production art team. I was a part of the merchandise and promotional art group. Here are a few pieces that I did for the project.

Also, here's some post of the Legion of Superheroes concept art for the comic I did a while back. These designs can be seen in my latest sketchbook DEADLINES VOL #2.


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Anonymous said...

Welcome back! Been a fan since your Wonder Girl mini. Added you to my Google-reader. :)