Dark Horse Presents: Rotten Apple

Hello all... I have a pretty cool announcement.

A few months ago I was approached by the president of Dark Horse Comics to create a project for them. I found out that they were relaunching Dark Horse Presents and proposed I do something for that to get the idea established before I do a bigger project.

I along with up and coming writer Chuck Brown developed the concept " Rotten Apple ". About a girl who's powers comes from a city where she resides. More on that in the future.

I'm SUPER excited about this project. The response so far has been great. I hope you pick up the new DHP series, not just for my story but for all the legendary creators as well as hot new talent.

Here's the cover and the link on Newsarama. Enjoy!

http://www.newsarama.com/ comics/dark-horse-presents-2- covers-creators-110303.html

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Walden Wong said...

Very cool, Sanford! I'm going to be getting DHP anyways and it's sweet to know you're in it.