1000 Kickstarter starts July 1st!

Some folks may have heard that I'm working on a kickstarter project. Well I've decided to take the plunge an produce a project that is near and dear to my heart. I am about to launch a kickstarter project called " 1000 ". It's a project that was created by myself and a dear friend of mine that pass away from cancer a few years ago. His name was " Bruce " Tripp" Brown. We created the character and world but he then passed and I then went ahead and produced a small comic to honor him. But since that time I have started a small talented animation group known as " Secret Sauce Studio "  and we are going to produce animation that is based on the characters. The KS launches July 1st and we have a FB fan page if you would like to check that out. We are updating all kinds of great stuff for fans to see. Please check it out! And thanks in advance for the support!


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