Day 5 - Tokyo, Japan Trip!

Ok... I know what you're thinking... "Sanford still hasn't posted his entire trip to Tokyo on his blog!" I'm really am sorry, with so much going on it's hard to get all of this together and get it to you quick. I promise to complete my posts on the Tokyo trip within the next week:) Stay tuned! Also, I will be posting some cool images and news about my next few projects, which includes an exhibit I am apart of at the Flint Art Institute in Michigan. But first things first...


Here we are about to enter The Asakusa Temple. As you walk up towards the temple there's a ton of markets that sold everything from Jewlery to ice cream. This place was a blast more details in the next few pics.

Before you enter you must wash yourself in smoke. Yeah you heard me, SMOKE! It's a Japanese custom to do so. It helps keeps the bad spirits from coming into the temple with you!

Some cool statues as you walk in. This one is actually kinda creepy....

As you walk in they'll be people praying before Budda. It was kinda neat to see all ages there.

A family of women and girls outside the temple. I wish I had a better picture.

Just some random images around the temple.

I really liked how this came out.

So we headed out after a long day of picture takin' and shopping.

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