Lake View Terrace on DVD!

Ok... let's take a quick break from the Tokyo overload and get back to some art...

Some of you may have known that I did some design work for this " Lake View Terrace" ... If you have not seen or even heard of this movie. I encourage you to go check it out! This post features some art and designs that I created for this movie. In fact some of my art hints to the main plot of the story!

It stars Samuel L. Jackson as this overzealous LAPD officer who lives next door to this young interracial couple. He takes care of the neighborhood. But then it tuns for the worst. He seems to have some issues with the young couple and begins to make their lives a living hell! This movie gives the term " neighborhood watch" a whole new meaning!!!

What's his motive for this outrage? Well go cop this flick and find out! Now on DVD!!! Hope you enjoy the movie and my art!!! Here are the designs for LVT!

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Unknown said...

congrats on a sweet gig!
really lovin' that last one-the white and grey looks amazing
would be a cool look for a comic/manga
maybe with one other light tone of grey for the bgs..hmm :)