Day 4 - Tokyo, Japan Trip!


Here we are setting out for another fun, education filled day.

We were headed for the Ghibli Museum.

We arrive at the world famous Ghibli Museum. It features the the ground breaking animation and behind the scenes of Studio Ghibli and it's founder the legend Hayao Miyazaki. If you want to know more about this awesome museum check out this and other sites!

This was the entrance.

Here I am chillin' with the world famous Totoro!!!

We could only take pictures of stuff on the outside. I was bumbed about that but it all worked out. I got some cool shots. ( You see soon! )

Like I said I got some pretty cool shots outside. Here's one. It's a 50 feet tall metal sculpture of the robot from " Laputa: Castle in the Sky"

It was just as popular as the works we saw inside!

Here's me tryin' to look all hard. Like... " You don't want to set my man off!"

Love this shot. It's all majestic feelin'.....

It looks like he's walkin' away... Freaky!!!

Check out the detail.

After a full day at Ghibli, we head back home. Well the hotel anyway.

Here's some cool shots I took while heading back to the hotel. Till next time!!!

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