Day 3 - Tokyo, Japan Trip!


Back on the train to see some sites!

Don't look now but there's whale comin' out that there museum.

This museum was cool but the mammoth was pretty awesome lookin'!

It was getting dark when we left that museum. Now we head out for some shoppin' before it got to late!

We head back to catch the train.

Here's a shot of the great Mark Shultz. Notice the sign right over his head. That's a build board of a Big Mac promo. I just thought it was interesting.

We arrive in the district known as Akihabara!!! Out here is where you can find tons of the latest anime, books, toys and games! I found some pretty sweet items here!!! ( More on that later! he he he )

Gumball/type machines like this one can be found on very block, every corner. It's full of toys!!! Isn't that awesome!?!?

After shopping, we headed back to our hotel. I was a pretty full day. Time to get ready for the next adventure!!! Stay tuned!!!

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