Day 2 - Tokyo, Japan Trip!


Rise and shine in Tokyo!!!

Here some very privilege students of SCAD. Ready to start their day in Tokyo.

The kids are starting to head out to get to our workshops!

Like I mentioned earlier, this trip was for the students to study abroad and also learn a few trade secrets from me along with a few other artist. SCAD worked with personnel in Tokyo to help facilitate us for 2 weeks so we could do lectures/workshops. I gave them some assignments that we would work on for the rest of the week. Here they are hard at work and it's only one day one!

After the workshop we hoped the train and headed for our first day of sight seeing.

Got my first " Japanese " FLAVA DRANK...

We arrive at the entrance of one of the oldest temples in Tokyo. The name escapes me at the moment.

The gangs all accounted for!

Ceremonial washing before entering the temple.

Souvenir shop inside the temple. They gotta pay of the upkeep some how!

Here are some people posing for their wedding pictures in the temple. It was super cool to see them in their traditional wear for the wedding! What a big hat!

Here's an image of the flower girl for the wedding, Daddy is getting here ready. She caught me sneaking to take a picture of her. This is one of my favorite images!

The roof of one part of the temple.

We saw some cool archery while at the temple. They were in training.

The exit of the temple.

After a long day we headed home. Well not everyone. Some of us went shopping! More to come about that! See ya soon!

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Anonymous said...

That's the Meiji Shrine in Shibuya!

- the grey book girl