It's been a long time comin' but I'm glad to say DEADLINES VOL #3 is here!

* 80 pages, full color, hard back!

* Forward by comic icon Darwyn Cooke and afterward by comic legend Larry Stroman!

* Like I mentioned before, it will debut at the San Diego Comic Con.

* Book price is $30 signed, and $40-$50 for a quality sketch of your choice in the sketch section of the book.

Those who pick up a copy of the book on PREVIEW NIGHT will receive a cool FREE PRINT! So if you're gonna be there be one of the first to grab a copy!!... or two... or three! :D

I'll be signing all week in artist alley, table FF- 05. If that's to hard to find just look for my banner!
Just so you know.. I will be doing orders online. But that will not happen for a bout a month... sorry about that. But it WILL happen! Stay tuned!

Also that weekend I'll be doing a group signing at the booth of Sean Galloway and Ryan Benjamin. The signing will happen once everyday around 3pm or 4pm. When you come by our tables, ask us about our exact schedule for signings. We will be doing some cool give-a-ways and prices ( REALLY cool prices! ) for those who purchase our books.

We'll also have some exciting announcements there as well! I'm sure that time will be CRAZY! So get ready good people... it will be a great time.

See ya there!


[above - cover layout]
[below - front, back, side & inside]


Sterling said...

I definitely want to get your book, it is a the top of my list. I wanted to know what you met by really cool prices. Does that mean we should wait to buy your book at 3-4 or does the price remain the same?

Rodney Dollah said...


I digs your work, dude.

Keep Rock in!


Mr.Magoo said...

Love your work man! Keep em comin!

keviN said...

this is good news!! i don't even care that i'll have to wait a month - one of the few books droppin' that i'm actually excited about.

NikOoo said...

very good work !! i'm french and i can't buy this sketchbook...sniff

Chris Sims said...

I will be ordering your book online when it becomes available. I can't wait!