After your months and months... and months of waiting, FINALLY you can order DEADLINES VOL 3 ONLINE!!!

Like I mentioned before, you have two versions to choose from:

1. $50.00 -- WITH A SKETCH (of your choice)!
2. $30.00 -- WITHOUT SKETCH!

You can make payment via PAYPAL or snail mail. Remember if you do PAYPAL you will need to include enough funds to cover the PAYPAL fee and shipping (no more than $10 should cover this).

Please allow up to two weeks for shipping, or a little longer depending on the sketch request. I will personally contact you to let you know when your book will be ready for shipping.

So E-MAIL... TEXT... or "TWEET" me and let me know if you are interested!

DON'T DELAY! GET YOUR COPY TODAY... Because it's only while supplies last!

Here's my PAYPAL info:

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Chris Sims said...

I will be ordering mine soon!