Deadpool VS Santa?

That's right you read correctly! Deadpool takes on ole Saint Nick in a holiday special! This is pretty cool story I drew ( and had tons of fun workin' on it! ) for Marvel.

It's exclusively on as one of their digital comics. So if you got a little extra holiday money treat yourself to this story. If times are a little tight ( which I know they are ) then check out a few pages I posted of art from the story here.

It will also go to print sometime early in the new year! Hope ya dig! Look for more Deadpool stuff to come. And Happy Holidays!!!


RAWLS said...

Amazing!!! Fantastic work my friend! Hope you had a great Christmas and have a happy new year!

Sammy! said...

Simply amazing...really diggin it!!!
Happy New Year to you....

Emily said...

Hi Sanford! It's Emily, Nathan's friend that was at Baltimore Comic Con. :) How arrrre you? Long time no talk.

Also, I finally got a chance to read the holiday comic, which was a lot of fun. Excellent art (and inking). And I'm glad I wandered over here, because my one complaint was that the text was covering up that *adorable* Spider-man plushie in the corner of pg. 5, which I wanted to make into a little icon (with credit, naturally!) I think he's so cute that I even made him a "character" in a little Deadpool thing I was doing ( And now here he is without text! Yay.

Anyway, I hope you're well. :) And still racing jumping frogs.

P.S. You totally need to draw a little Deadpool plushie in another comic. For continuity! ;)