2010 San Diego Comic Con - "1000"

Ok folks! I can FINALLY show some sneak peaks of my new creator owned project "1000" !!!

I've posted some stuff on DA and and on my blog. Once again, it will debut at the San Diego Comic Con July 21-25. It's been a TON of hard work in such a short period of time.

That being said, because this was something I pulled off in about a month and a half, there's a few things that you may want to see more of but, because of time we couldn't fulfill everything. But I must say, I am pretty proud of what was accomplished! Many thanks to all the guys that helped me get this off on the right track.

One extra cool thing to add is there's a soundtrack that was produced ESPECIALLY for "1000" ! The 1st 100 purchases of the book will get this CD for FREE! ( so don't wait ) All produced by my good friend DOSE who is a PHENOMENAL music producer and will surely blow you away! If you are into soundtracks like "Samurai Champloo" then your going to love this sound track!

Sometime after the con the sound track will be on my site and his for sale. There's tons of sketches and extras in the book, as well as some snippets of what my plans are for the future of "1000".

Last but not least, there's a dedication page honoring the co-creator of "1000" my close friend James Bruce Brown III aka "KIMO". So come by DD-12 in Artist Alley and get your copy of "1000" along with the soundtrack.


I will also have my Deadlines Vol 3 book for sale and you can get a FREE sketch with the book! It's gonna be awesome!


Here's a quick rundown of the story and world of "1000" . Hope ya dig!

In world of were Aliens, Warlocks, Zombies, Warlords,
Ancient Beast, and other entities have carved out territories of the
world and call it their own. A cold war is waged
between these beings and chaos is the norm.

Wading through the chaos is Dragon Son. He’s a
supreme entity who abandoned all creation and
is now sentenced to 1000 acts of repentance.
Every act brings him closer to one day returning to his true Dragon form.
Son’s joined by 6 other agents charged with secretly
policing the world and keeping all of civilization from completely
crumbling. While Son seeks repentance he
also comes to understand his full destiny.

Created by Sanford Greene and James Bruce Brown III
Script by - Chuck Brown
Illustrated by - Sanford Greene
Colored by - Tyson Hesse & Sanford Greene
Lettered by - Chuck Brown
Graphic and Logo Design - Sanford Greene

- 1000 comic book projet
- 5 1/2 X 8 1/2
- 40 pages full color ( 20 pages of story, 20 pages of sketches and designs )
- FREE EXCLUSIVE " 1000 " soundtrack


Gabe said...

Looks amazing! Any chance of this being for sale for those of us that cant make it to San Diego?

Unknown said...

Look's cool as hell. Cant wait to check it out in person at comicon.

Unknown said...

Hey man it was nice to meet you at the con this year!