Just starting to recover from the overwhelming NYCC. This weekend was tremendous! NYCC was more than likely my most exhausting, fulfilling con ever! I was blown away by the crowd and all those who dropped by my table to show support by picking up my Deadlines book and my " 1000 " project.

On that note, my big announcement is I just signed a deal with MTV to produce "1000"!!!! MTV made a big announcement this past weekend about how they've established a new comic book line entitled MTV COMICS! They will be producing five exclusive, digital creator owned comics that will later be collected into graphic novels and then into all other types of cool stuff! I can can't say much but think of this as the relaunch of " Liquid TV " for the digital age!

The first title will launch early November and " 1000 " will start launching more than likely late Dec. So I'm super psyched about this opportunity! When the announcement was made on Saturday my interview made the main page of I was SUPER nervous about my mug being exposed to the world! But it was a lot of fun...nerve racking... but fun! You can check my interview here......

On top of all this, when we did the panel I had the distinct pleasure of sitting beside the living legend, Stan " THE MAN " Lee!!! He has a title he's working on for MTV as well! I of course felt like I was ten years old just sitting there staring at him like.... WOW that's him!!!! He's a REALLY genuine and gracious person. He did something really cool for me that I was able to film on video. I will be able to share it with you all a bit later, so stay tuned!

One last thing, I will be posting the " 1000 " exclusive MTV poster here real soon, I hope you will dig! I'll also be announcing some other cool promos and contest everyone can get involved with. So keep an eye out for that. There's other cool things happening but that's as big as it gets for me at the moment! Now the work begins! See ya soon! :)


arnie said...

YAHOO! congratulations Sanford, all that hard work is starting reap the harvest.

peace out

Space Station Orbiter: Cloud 99 said...

Oh WOW. I'm blown. Fantastic news!